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Welcome to the official website of A.P. Simmons! Your feedback is very welcome and we hope you enjoy the site.

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Shadowland Tales #6

A.P. Simmons is extremely proud and excited to share the latest work from the Shadowland Tales series!

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Shadowland Tales #5

Humans. The apex form of life on Earth. Or are we? Join us as we explore the highs and lows of our unique species.

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Shadowland Tales #4

If you enjoy a reading adventure, you will enjoy this series! Welcome to book 4, where we examine the history before the ice ages, a Russian sentinel, and more!

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Shadowland Tales #3

Sit back and enjoy a ride into the future! We will explore the future of artificial intelligence, planetary colonization, and more!

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Shadowland Tales #2

Join us as we explore an Iroquois legend, unwelcome visitors to a New England light house, a terrifying Night Land of the far future and more!

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Shadowland Tales #1

Angels. Do they exist? If so, how do they interact with us? In this book, we take a look at how angels interact with humankind. We will see how they inspired Joan of Arc. And their role in stopping the Mongolian advance into the Middle East. And more!

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Pride and Prejudice: Illustrated

This edition is a lovingly prepared tribute to a timeless classic! Features you will like include:

  • Classic typesetting

  • Beautiful illustrations from the 1800's

  • Very minor edits to bridge the grammatical distance from 1803 to now

  • Larger format

  • Link to free audio

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in our time: Annotated and Illustrated

This book does not edit Hemingway's text, but it does include annotations and illustrations to enhance the experience of the modern reader. A longer second edition was published in 1925, and a third edition in 1930, which added the story On the Quai at Smyrna.

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Genesis: Annotated and Illustrated

There are strange gaps in our records of the past. We find traces of man-like things--but, suddenly, man appears, far too much developed to be the "next step" in a well-linked chain of evolutionary evidence. Perhaps something like the events of this story furnishes the answer to the riddle.

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The Red Badge of Courage: Illustrated

Welcome to an American classic! Believed to be based on interviews with Union veterans, the young author Stephen Crane created a masterpiece that stands the test of time. The Red Badge of Courage explores the range of human emotions found in war and in life in general.

  • This edition provides photos or pictures that were from the Civil War. None of us today have memories of images from that time, and a photograph or picture may help provide better context for the modern reader.

  • All of the photos and illustration are from the Civil War or drawn in the late 19th century. The cover was based on an 1863 illustration, drawn by William Momberger and engraved by J.C. McRae.

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